About University Donor Advisors

University Donor Advisors (UDA) is a focused philanthropic advisory service that advises donors who wish to positively impact universities.  Our mission is to assist donors with their goals of enhancing excellence in higher education via meaningful gifts.  The mission is accomplished with a focus on

  • a clear understanding of the expectations and consequences of gifts,

  • a level of confidence that gifts will be deployed according to mutually agreed upon standards, and,

  • an assurance that gifts will be allocated to create academic excellence.

The work of UDA is unique.  As a philanthropic advisory service, UDA supports only donors’ efforts to positively impact quality and excellence in universities.  Our professional attention is focused on higher education and we do not offer advisory services that are intended to impact other segments of the non-profit world.  Furthermore, UDA works closely with each donor’s financial advisors, accountants and attorneys as trusted partners whose work complements the goals and vision of the donor.