The UDA Tenets


The initial joint step between University Donor Advisors (UDA) and each donor-client is confirmation that the donor and the chosen university have a relationship that is genuine and enduring.  Such a relationship is essential if the partners are to travel on a journey that is personally and professionally rewarding.  UDA first seeks to understand and appreciate the quality of this relationship.


Second, UDA seeks to understand why the donor is interested in improving higher education.  What was the donor’s personal experience as a student?  Was there a faculty-mentor who sparked the longer term university commitment by the donor?  Did community outreach, undergraduate research or a study abroad experience make the essential difference in the donor’s intent and pathway to success?  Such personal experiences and relationships help define realism in the donor’s goal and help create the greatest strategic impact on the university.


Finally, UDA seeks to understand the personal and professional values that underpin all of a donor’s philanthropy.  Typically donors have several giving objectives which they wish to achieve.  UDA makes every effort to understand how these prioritize with the donor’s higher education objectives.